European Markets Plummet on North Korea Tensions

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EU Markets dip

Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen Ease

Apple Inc. Gains Users Trust


Market Recap – Global Markets Remain Jittery Amid Geopolitical Tensions

President Donald Trump pledged to attack North Korea, early last week, escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula. Gold prices rose on Wednesday amid rising tensions between the United States and North Korea while the yen hit an eight-week high against the dollar. Bitcoin hit all-time high of $3,479.60 earlier Tuesday morning.*


Thu, Aug 10: In Today’s Markets…


1. European Markets Plummet on North Korea Tensions

Investors sought to invest in safe haven assets yesterday as tensions between the U.S and North Korea continue to escalate. EU Markets dipped in early trading hours as geopolitical tensions curbed sentiment. Geopolitical fears remain today’s focus after North Korea dismissed threatening comments from U.S. President Donald Trump and outlined plans for a missile strike near Guam, an area where the U.S. has a military base.**


2. Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen Ease After Massive Rally

The Swiss franc eased versus the US dollar on Thursday, but held on to major gains made the previous day. Heightened tensions between the United States and North Korea sent investors looking for safe haven assets like the CHF/USD which surged 1.1 percent on Wednesday. The yen also eased slightly against the greenback (USD/JPY) after having risen to its highest level in nearly eight weeks.**


3. Apple Inc. Gains Users Trust With Health Info

Apple is officially the most trusted major tech brand when it comes to sharing the health information. A new Twitter poll revealed that 41% of users would trust Apple the most. Google came in second with 14%, while Amazon was third at 8%. This comes as a strong indicator for Apple, which has plans to expand in the tech health space sector over the next few years. The company is also working on several advanced features for the new Apple Watch, including measuring sugar levels. Apple Inc. (#APPL) shares closed 0.6 percent higher on Wednesday.***


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**Source: CNBC
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