OmiseGO Records 24-Hour Trading Volume of $94.26 Million

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1. OmiseGO Records 24-Hour Trading Volume of $94.26 Million
OmiseGO (OMG) traded 6.9% higher against the dollar during the one day period ending at 23:00 PM ET on March 14th. On Friday OmiseGO has a total market cap of $212.81 million and approximately $94.26 million worth of OmiseGO added another 6% to last trade at two month-highs of $1.5212.*

2. Britain Votes To Push Back Brexit
After two long years of negotiations,UK lawmakers voted to delay the country’s departure from the E.U. beyond the original March 29 deadline. It should be noted that the Parliament also rejected holding a second referendum on Brexit, and turned down an attempt to seize control of the process from Prime Minister Theresa May. Mrs. May will now have to get permission to postpone Brexit from E.U. officials next week, but that might only create new problems. Without an approved deal, it’s unclear how long the extension should be and what can be achieved in the extra time.**

3. Wirecard Clears Own Executive at Center of Fraud Allegations
Wirecard AG said it has cleared the Singapore-based manager at the center of fraud allegations at its business in the city-state, though he remains on leave until external investigations are concluded. The digital payments provider came under intense pressure in February after a series of reports in the Financial Times on possible fraud in Asia, causing the stock to drop by almost 50 percent.***

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*Source: Investing Mar 15, 2019 2:48 AM ET
**Source: Reuters Mar 15, 2019 3:53 AM ET
***Source: CNBC Mar 15, 2019 03:07 AM ET

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