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Dec 13, 13:30 US Retail Sales Control Group (Nov)

With the victory of Boris Johnson the path of the UK might get clearer: the Brexit could become reality rather anytime soon as the Tories won the majority of seats in the parliament. The clear shape of Brexit still remains to be defined as a trade deal with the EU has to be formed only until the end of 2020. The Pound took the positive news gaining further momentum with a sudden spike in volatility. Yet this currency gain could weigh on the FTSE100 index dampening fresh demand due to the pricier FX rate.

Positive news come from the US where after a tweet from president Trump seemingly a trade deal with China is in place. The fresh round of tariffs on another product range in volume of $160 billion is likely not to happen. Still on the political side we might get news today regarding the impeachment process in the US. The House of representatives will likely approve the articles of impeachment against the US President.

● SPX500: we sold at 2900 with SL at 3035 and open TP (we run a small position and have removed the SL)
● GBPUSD: we bought at 13174 with SL now at 1.3180, we realized some profit around 1.3500 level, TP open
● #BA: we sold Boeing at 346.00 with SL at 390.00 and open TP
● EURUSD: we bought at the Fed interest rate decision at 1.1098, stopped out in profit at 1.1135
● EURGBP: we sold at 0.8335 (slippage!) with SL at 0.8650 and open TP
● EURNOK: we sold at 10.0830 with SL at 10.18 an TP at 9.93
● USOIL: we bought at 59.53 with SL at 56.30 and TP at 62.50

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Frank Walbaum

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