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BDSwiss | October 20, 2017

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The 5 fastest growing DAX companies - BDSwiss

The 5 fastest growing  DAX companies

There are many key figures for the success of DAX companies. However, at the end of the day, only one figure determines whether a company is successful on the stock market or is ignored: the profit growth per share.

Lufthansa lifts the DAX

Over the last 10 years, Lufthansa AG has recorded a profit growth of more than 16 percent per share. This may come as a surprise to many. But this number must be put into context. 10 years ago, Lufthansa had a very weak year, and this year they had a very strong year. The question now remains, how long will the positive trend continue?


This company is positioned as a “big player” in the rapidly growing medical device market. As a result, shareholders have been rewarded with a growth rate of 16 percent in the past. This industry is likely to grow in the future and the positive trend for Fresenius could continue over the next few years.

Daimler & BMW – Backbone of the DAX5-gewinner

Daimler AG and BMW are considered the cornerstones of the German stock index. Virtually no other companies can look back on such a long and turbulent history. In addition, the recent history has been extremely profitable for investors. Profit growth has grown between 11 and 14 percent per year over the last decade. Volkswagen is no longer on the same level as these companies due to the stock price crash caused by the exhaust scandal.


Bayer AG is also one of the biggest winners in the DAX. With almost 10 percent growth over the last decade, the company from Leverkusen has won a place in the top group. Currently the company is being restructured following the purchase of seed producer Monsanto. In the long-term, these steps might be worthwhile, as the demand for agricultural products is likely to grow.

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