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BDSwiss | October 20, 2017

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Trade Gold! - BDSwiss

Trade Gold!

In turbulent times gold is considered a safe investment. Nevertheless, the price dropped considerably since spring. What happened? And how can you benefit from it? I’ll show you in my article today how you place correctly on the gold price trade to trade and how you can make real profits.


Supply and demand determine the price of gold

The price of gold is subject, like everything else, to the interplay of supply and demand. If many investors want to buy gold, the price goes up. This is a good indicator that dark clouds on the horizon raise and investors want to invest their money in something stable. Lucky for us, that we can enter into a proper trade on rising prices with binary options. The simple investor only secures his money while we retract nice profits!


What happens if the price drops?

If the gold price decreases, more investors sell gold investors than as is in demand on the market. This means for you that you can then benefit in two ways: With binary options, first you can set a trade on a falling gold price. In addition, you place a trade on the NASDAQ or DAX to profit from rising share prices. With these pliers tactics you win twice!


Where is the gold price in the long term?Trade gold small - BDSwiss

No one can predict the specific price with certainty. Nevertheless, the noble metal is a finite resource. If you also look at the price of the last decades in the long term there is really only one direction: up! The beauty of binary options is that you do not have to be fobbed off with a few percent per year. In addition, you can take advantage of all the price fluctuations. So you make money even if the gold price -like in this year- subsides. Just place a trade here and there setting on the trend and bring in profits!

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