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BDSwiss | October 19, 2017

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5 Cash Cows that you just have to milk! - BDSwiss

5 Cash Cows that you just have to milk!

There are such and such companies. But some perform better than others. They have an interesting business idea or better management. You as a trader should know about these cash cows. That’s why I will tell you about five stocks today that you should definitely trade.


Quality made in Germany! The Wolfsburg traditional company has only one goal: growth! And no one can do it as good as them! On their way to the top they will probably throw Toyota off the throne as early as next year. How will they do it? With new models and technical innovations. For example, VW was able to reduce the cost of production of the current Golf VII by about 1500 € compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, they sell it for a higher price. This means profit! Join us and you’ll get your share of it!



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Even Mercedes is one of the very hot irons! The premium brand brings one new model after another to the market. And the most exciting part is that each one is a hit! Whether the new A-Class, or GLA, whatever Mercedes gets its hands on works. The Sindelfingers leave their competition in the dust in their segment. If you want to ride along, you should finally get in.



Winter is coming. Soon Europe will turn on its heaters again. And how? Right, with gas! And this comes from Gazprom. Ukraine crisis or not, we will again have to cover a large part of our demand with Russian natural gas this winter. In the foreseeable future there is no alternative in sight. What is easier than to trade a company of which you know in advance that revenue will increase due to the season?!



The leading manufacturer of microprocessors leaves the competition far behind. While during the days of the Pentium II, the company AMD was still a real alternative, today it only leads a shadow existence in the low-price segment. Intel has prevailed. You will notice this when you take a look at the prospectus of any electronics dealers. A strong brand and a monopolistic position have always ensured juicy returns. This only means for you get in!



The US-American Bank was hit particularly hard by the financial crisis. As a major bank it coined the term at that time: “Too big to fail”. Now 6 years after the financial crisis, Citigroup has been restored to its former glory. In Germany, it was renamed Targo Bank for marketing purposes, but it is among the world’s largest banks with its 280 million customers. The dividends flow and the share price has quadrupled again since the financial crisis! Nevertheless, the current state is far from reflecting the course before the financial crisis. This was about 10 times as high as up to date. So whoever is not invested yet may not want to earn money….

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